Catering Menu

For catering orders, call us at (574) 277-7239

Dish Size Price
Lebanese Salad small tray (15-20 people) $31.95
Greek Salad small tray $36.95
Hoummos with pita bread small tray $38.50
Baba gannouge with pita bread small tray $40.50
Tabouli Tray with pita bread small tray $40.50
Rice Tray small tray $21.95
Midardara Tray small tray $31.95
Meat Grape Leaves 20 pieces $14.95
Vegetable Grape Leaves 20 pieces $14.95
Falafel with tahini sauce 20 pieces $17.50
Kibbee with homemade yogurt each piece $2.25
Tawouk with garlic and rice each piece $3.25
Kebab with rice each piece $4.50
Kafta with rice each piece $3.25
Spinach Pies each piece $2.50
Meat Pies each piece $2.50